R.I.P. Head Racing, 2017-2017

Come and gone already has the 2017 head racing season. In college, the year was split into two seasons, both four months long: autumn (August through November) and spring (February through May). Now, it’s a long, long sprint season that runs mid March through mid August, and a blip of a head racing season that…

Olympia Traveller

Originally posted on Typewriter Review:
Olympia Traveller (1969) By the late 1960s Olympia had perfected the typewriter. While other manufacturers seemed to have lowered their standards, Olympia boldly introduced a line of distinctive typewriters called The Traveller. The style certainly speaks to the age of 2001: A Space Odyssey. While one could never imagine a…

København, Danmark

Second destination of the grand tour: Copenhagen, Denmark. Unsurprisingly foggy, Copenhagen felt very comfortable and also very familiar, almost like Cape Cod in April. That is, if Cape Cod had ornate buildings with onion domed roofs, towering spires decorated like sea monsters, and centuries old castles.

Paris, France

After literally decades of putting it off, I was finally convinced to make a trip to Europe. Here’s what I saw in Paris: lots of low angle light, old buildings, and cooler, calmer colors.

A gull dies on Monomoy

Foreword: predator control is a complex issue on Monomoy- how are we the ones to decide what birds live or die on this island?

Day Against Denial

Checking in from recently cold Philadelphia! I was able to attend monday’s Day Against Denial march in downtown Philadelphia as part of 350.org’s concenrted nationwide efforts to draw attention to the inadequacy of many of Trump’s appointees for cabinet positions.

A little subversion at TD’s expense. 

Had a little fun with divestment today, and hopefully made a little bit of a difference in the world. Turns out, TD Bank (and a few other Canadian banks) have been helping to fund the Dakota Access Pipeline. You’ve probably heard about it recently in the news, because it’s being constructed directly through the Standing…